Tricore was established in 1987 to provide a refurbishment service for new and used roller cone drill bits suitable for use within the global Oil and Gas industry, Land Drilling, Water Wells, Construction, Mining and other related industries.

Oil and Gas operators soon requested that Tricore refurbish their drill bits for them and offer a rental service for large diameter drill bits in the size range from 17 ½” to 36″ in diameter. Since this service was introduced to the oilfield, Tricore have refurbished in excess of 2,000 units which have been run and rerun successfully in North Sea drilling operations.

The company has expanded its operations to a new customised office, workshop and warehouse complex allowing us the flexibility to offer a more efficient and competitive service to our clients, both in the Oilfield sector and Water well Industry

The Tricore facility in Blackburn Industrial Estate is well equipped for storage, service and refurbishment work. With warehouse space of 10,000 square feet available plus more than 15,000 square feet of yard space, Tricore is currently the largest bit refurbishment and maintenance facility in the United Kingdom.